Hello everybody,

I’m Tom Dennison, kuya Tom for my Filipino friends. I am 54 years old and have been around the block a few times. At age 18 I became a follower of Christ and have tried to get closer to Him since then. That has involved a lot of studying and teaching the Bible and hopefully living it. I am still married to the beautiful lady, Sue, that I married in 1982 and have had the privilege of raising 5 daughters with her. Since 1986 we have been missionaries in the Philippines. After all those years you would think I had learned something.  Oh, I forgot, I have also made mistakes, sinned and done some things poorly. By the grace of God this has helped my learning curve as well.

In any case, I have started this blog to share things I have been learning in my life. On some things I will be quite confident I am right. That’s when I stick really close to clear biblical principles. In other cases it will be my opinion. Of course everyone is free to disagree and comment as you please. My prayer is that I can pass on some wisdom or at least some experience in spiritual matters, missions, family and some other random topics. If I make you think, that would be good too. Let the blogging begin.

Tom Dennison